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EULA - Gamestrigger


All Programs presented on our site are free to use under the scope and limitations of the GNU General Public Release. These Programs are publicly obtainable through their respective publisher’s websites. . The downloading, usage, modification and redistribution of this Programs are under the legal restrictions of the version 3 of the GNU General Public License or any version which succeeds it. During the installation process, suggestions may be presented and/or offered to the users. These are merely recommendatory and users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions. In any case, this website holds no liability over the acquisition and functioning of the said Programs. NO WARRANTY either explicitly or implicitly is attributable to our website for the softwares you may have acquired during installation. Furthermore, we hold no liability over the possible consequences that may be brought to you upon the installation and usage of such Programs. It may be possible that the software you have acquired was directly retrieved from the developer or publisher’s website. Under such condition, the policies including but not limited to the terms of use imposed by the developers over the software are held intact and applicable. We urge our users to thoroughly read Programs licenses issued by the particular publisher and practice due prudence in understanding there legal ramifications. The Programs listings found on this website is done in good faith believing that they are useful to the users. Our participation in the distribution of these Programs is limited to such scope. We strongly uphold that these Programs are provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY coming from this website. As the content of this site are purely recommendatory and for general references only, the users are solely responsible on their download and usage of the listed Programs. User’s full understanding of the GNU General Public License is highly advised. The GNU-GPL is available on the Free Software Foundation’s website.

Terms of Use Your security and privacy is important to us. In order to protect you, we have laid these terms which governs your visit to our site. Take a good look at the sections of this document to learn more about the ways we treat your interactions with our website.

Privacy We have taken all safety precautions and established industry standard conventions on the treatment of user data. Our terms are directed to the ultimate goal of protecting your identity. The Privacy Policy of our website is written in great details on our Privacy page which you may check by clicking the appropriate link found on site’s footer.

Program Download All games, softwares, wallpapers, mobile stuffs and Ebooks listed are subject to our End User License Agreement. It is implicitly implied that the user agrees with the EULA the moment he/she downloads any of the listed games, softwares, wallpapers, mobile stuffs and Ebooks found on this website. While we regularly check for the integrity of the installers and the validity of the claims of each program, we do not provide any warranty for such programs. Furthermore, our website cannot be held liable on any fortuitous event that the continued usage of the games, softwares, wallpapers, mobile stuffs and Ebooks may bring. These games, softwares, wallpapers, mobile stuffs and Ebooks are subject to the licenses issued by their publishers. The users are encouraged to check the publisher website to understand more on the corresponding terms and policies that are applicable. Questions regarding the games, softwares, wallpapers, mobile stuffs and Ebooks should be directed to the publisher.

This document was last updated on May 01, 2015